End Grain Woodworks, LLC

End Grain Woodworks, LLC

End Grain Woodworks, LLC is committed to providing the highest quality cutting boards to everyone. We want you to know that the boards that we manufacture are the same ones we use every day in our home.

We only use the best quality domestic and imported hardwoods in our products.

Each of our boards is treated with food safe oils and should last a lifetime with the proper care. A care sheet will be included with every purchase, along with our contact information, should any questions arise.



Face Grain vs. End Grain Cutting Boards

Face/Edge Grain vs. End Grain Face

Edge Grain 

• Wood fibers are horizontal to the board

 • More grain visible, therefore very pleasing to the eye

 • However, they show the most cuts and knife marks

 • Requires sharpening of your knives more often 

End Grain 

• Wood fibers are vertical to the board

 • Gentler on knives

 • Suitable for heavy work such as cleaving and chopping

 • However, they require oiling more often

 • Heavier than face or edge grain boards 


The following are some examples of the work we produce here at End Grain Woodworks. Feel free to browse our on-line catalog for available styles and patterns.